Dienstag, 15. September 2015


Is it just me, or is there a surge of "challenges" / "competitions" / "contests" of all kinds and colors lately? It appears to be a very cheap way to get people working for you (or for your objectives). So you need to boost your business and you don't have good ideas yourself and/or the capabilities to realize them? No problem, start a "hey-give-me-your-ideas"-challenge! Hopefully a number of good ideas will emerge and eventually you can take advantage of many of those ideas while "paying" only the winner, who probably spent a lot more time on it than you have to pay him for (if there is any price money involved at all).
Don't get me wrong, I do like the general idea of these challenges, and in particular I like participating - for example in the yearly Copernicus Masters Challenge. But the balance between how much effort the participants put into it and the actual rewards needs to be fair. Anyway, just my two cents on that topic (and maybe this year I'll make it to the finals :-) ).

Sonntag, 13. September 2015

EMS/ECAM meeting

Last week I attended the EMS (European Meteorological Society) / ECAM (European Conference on Applications of Meteorology) meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria. In summary, it was a very nice meeting, I learned a lot and now I am even more convinced that I am on the right track developing the web-based model verification system.
The first part of the conference was a bit off target for me, but still very interesting - there were sessions about observations, climate & a lot about severe weather warnings (including communication and impact research - very, very interesting stuff). The second part of the conference was more about verification and model evaluation, which is also what my poster was about. The verification sessions were all very interesting and sparked a lot of new ideas... moreover, there is a "find new verifiation measures"-competition by the WMO working group - I'll probably give that a shot! Finally, there was the MesoVICT meeting, which is more of a "meta"-comparison of verification schemes; maybe I'll also take part in this to use it as a testbed for the verification system and the new verification measures that I've come up with.
Besides the lack of a continuous coffee supply chain, the conference was well organized, and I really enjoyed it! There is just one more thing that stroke me rather odd: some of the sessions (at least 2) turned out to be more-or-less one-man-shows, and in my opinion that just is not what a conference like this should be about: in one of the sessions the session chair already had 2 scheduled talks (which is already questionable), but finally turned out to give 5 (out of 6) talks in that very session.